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Chapter 9 Reflection

Reverend Alexander MacDonell began to reflect upon the events he had experienced during the voyage to Glengarry and since his arrival. His plan to establish his kinsmen in a new land was going in the right direction but he knew the forces of darkness would hinder his plan whenever possible. It was because of the curse he had placed upon his people. A curse that took hold the moment he removed the sword of the Clan MacLeod from its resting place in Dunvegan castle in Scotland. The sword was given to a Clan Chieftan many hundred years ago as a wedding present. The Clan Chieftan of the MacLeods was to marry a daughter of a pixie queen he had met. The two loved each other and although it was against the wishes of both the human and fairy peoples to intermingle the two were married and had gifts bestowed upon them. The gift of the fairies was a sword that had been past down back and forth through human and fairy families for many generations. The sword would provide the Clan MacLeod with prosperity, luck and battle mastery. In fact the sword was used in many battles that preserved the Clan MacLeod over the years. The sword was often associated with bountiful harvests and the acquisition of gold and other treasures. But the luck of the sword came with a curse as well. A curse that would haunt and ruin the lives of anyone who might dare remove it from its ancestral place of rest, that being in Dunvegan, home of the Clan MacLeod.

The priest thought quietly about what he had done. He wanted the luck of the sword to spread out over his flock in Glengarry. But he could only see the ruin. It had started early after he secretly attained the sword. The arranged voyage to the new world was delayed many months as ships he arranged for passage would become unseaworthy. And many families perished waiting throughout the cold winter having nothing left to support them. Once aboard the ship MacDonald there were several omens of bad luck that befell the crew and passengers. The worst of which was becoming embedded upon a sand bar. This had occurred shortly after a crew member shot a seagull from the sky which then landed in a splatter of blood over the deck of the ship. Believing the man was possessed several passengers rallied each other to have this man thrown overboard but the priest intervened and calmed the situation. The priest knew the effect of the curse had taken hold of this man as it was this man who the priest had entrusted the security of the sword to during the ship’s voyage. The superstitions of the passengers were difficult for the priest to deal with as he had his dark secret to manage as well but through prayer he was able to regain order among the passengers and keep his own head clear. But with limited supplies the passengers were beginning to starve and the cold weather made things worse. Over a foot of ice formed across the deck of the ship and there were moments of fear and panic among the passengers. Once again the priest made his prayer to St. Raphael and doom was averted.

Now in Glengarry the conditions were barely survivable and with the sword hidden the priest believed times would improve. And they did but the events of the previous day ending in the exorcism of the demon familiar from his friend Montgomery Falkner weighed heavily on the priest’s mind. The priest had Falkner hide the sword in the early days after the arrival to Glengarry. Falkner had sworn to complete this task and as a brother of the Knights Templar the priest knew the job would be done properly. But now Falkner was gone and the priest had no way of knowing what had become of the sword. Leaning over a basin of water the priest saw his reflection. He looked weary and strained and his eyes glassy. Out of nowhere the priest began to feel weak as he peered into the water. Then he had a vision. A vision of an island and a burial ground. The vision lasted just a few seconds but it was enough for the priest to think this was where the sword had been taken. As the priest thought more about this call of the sword he felt that it made sense that Falkner would choose an island. Falkner’s Landing was on the shore of the St. Lawrence River and Falkner must have known the surrounding area well. The priest sat back in his chair somewhat relieved that he may well be able to recover the sword. Once recovered he would have the sword destroyed and end the curse once and for all.

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